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It’s up to us to define who we are and what our lives are, and to really do whatever the fuck you want to do, unless it’s hurting other people.

— Jared Leto (via fuck-yeah-jared-leto)

(Source: Rolling Stone, via curioseando)

The Unanswerable Kingdom: Sailor Sam S. S.


My friend and his brother are starting up a webseries. They’re going to be reviewing and scrutinizing a insane amount of video games from pretty much every generation and console. They have four seasons lined up so far. They have but one snag: they need to buy a capture card and to do…

I write with my tail: Yellow Brick


What is called a yellow brick is in fact not a brick

It is hewed stone, most likely saturnia and not even yellow

But the yellow brick is called that

Mostly because it looks like a brick

And partly because that is what it felt like

When I threw it through your window

Aiming for your…


A tragic collision in the 2012 Derptathlon. Cones of shame all around. 

(Source: rraaaarrl)